Cho Vay Theo Hóa Đơn Tiện Ích

  • Fundraising/receiving currency: VND
  • Maximum call amount: Up to 30 million VND.
  • Maximum capital calling time / maximum debt collection period: from 01 to 06 months
  • No proof of repayment is required
  • Interest rate for capital receipt: The interest rate will be applied according to the regulations of VNFITE from time to time.
  • Form of capital calling (borrowing/receiving capital) interest is calculated on the original principal balance: The interest rate for receiving capital is fixed within the time period of the call.
  • Overdue penalty interest: Equal to 150% of the interest rate for receiving capital within the term
  • Disbursement method: bank transfer
  • Payment method:

+ Principal repayment method: Monthly principal repayment period.

+ Interest payment method: Monthly payment according to actual and specific outstanding balance

Where: Interest = [(loan amount * receiving interest rate * number of days to receive debt)] / (365 days)

  • Interest rate for receiving capital and fees: According to VNFITE's current regulations
  • Respond quickly to the capital needs of customers.
  • Simple procedures, fast.
  • No collateral required.
  • Vietnamese citizens from 18 to 60 years old.
  • As a customer standing on the bill: electricity / water / telephone / internet (Do not accept business bills) on average of the last 3 months at least 300,000 VND.
  • Residential addresses in provinces and cities shall be regulated by VNFITE from time to time.
  • Customer Credit Rating Score (Scoring): According to the criteria of Mobiphone and related partners and according to the regulations of VNFITE from time to time. The minimum Scoring score is 450 points or more.
  • Customers provide documents to prove that they have income sources to repay the average minimum of the last 3 months ≥ 4.5 million VND/month. The source of debt repayment is calculated by 40% of the proven income


Fundraising profile:

  • Identity card/Citizen identification card.
  • Personal phone number.
  • Reference phone number: 03 relatives who are parents or siblings or husband and wife and 01 phone number who are friends or colleagues.
  • Allow VNFITE to access social networks of borrowers such as zalo, facebook, etc
  • Proof of income source:

+ Income from salary: Labor contract/appointment decision, health insurance card, salary account statement or income confirmation for the last 3 months.

+ Income sources from property rental: Documents proving property ownership (Red book, vehicle registration...), property rental contract, account statement with bank stamp/receipt the last 3 months.

+ For other sources of revenue: Will be approved by the Division Director to consider and accept a reasonable revenue source

Instruction document:

Text number

Date issued




Fundraising management consulting products and services according to utility bills.

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